Failure Stories from Philanthropy: Kataly’s Reflections on How We’ve Failed, and What We’ve Learned

Failure often happens in secret. But what is possible when we share our failures in public?

This year, Kataly committed to answering that question by offering reflections on our failures, mistakes, and unlearnings in this blog series.

Our goal with this series was to practice radical honesty and transparency, hold ourselves accountable to moving differently going forward, and share lessons that others in philanthropy can learn from.

Below are links to all of the pieces in our failure series:

We hope that this series was a useful offering to the field, and a window into how and why funders fail.

We are eager to hear what topics and ideas you’d like us to explore next. Please share a question or suggestion for us in the comments, on social media (LinkedIn or Twitter), or via email:

Thanks for reading.



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