Money Isn’t Enough

The Kataly Foundation
2 min readFeb 1, 2023


Money isn’t enough.

When people face harm, trauma, and death while driving home, while celebrating with their loved ones at community events, while being at their places of work, while buying food for their families, while at school — money isn’t enough.

But when money is a tool we have at our disposal, particularly as a foundation, the very least we can do is use it to the best of our abilities.

To say these are challenging times is a vast understatement. In addition to climate crises, mass shootings, law enforcement violence, attacks on our freedoms and rights, and more, we are facing uncertain economic conditions that make it even harder to meet our own needs and care for our communities.

In recognition of this persistent, challenging economic environment, the Kataly Foundation is awarding unrestricted fortification grants to our social movement partners. This month, we are redistributing $6.8 million to 137 grantee partners who are active, multi-year grantees of the foundation, as well as new or renewed grantee partners who received a grant before June 1st in 2022.

TONE empowers Black artists and communities so they can share knowledge and creativity across the spectrum of Blackness in order to elevate Memphis as a cultural beacon. TONE builds connectivity in the Black community through partnerships, block parties, storytelling, and more. This photo was taken by Noah Stewart at the TONE Juneteenth Family Reunion.

Navigating a recessionary environment only exacerbates the enormous pressure on organizations that are already contending with constantly changing conditions on the ground as they fight for justice and liberation. Our hope is that these one-time, general operating funds offer some support and relief to help groups meet the quality of life needs of their teams and members.

As funders, we want to responsibly steward the resources we have access to, and sometimes even with the best of intentions, we end up giving too little, and too late. In anticipation of worsening economic conditions, some funders may feel the need to constrict their grantmaking and act with caution, in order to preserve resources for the future.

But resources are needed right now, and there has never been a more important time to adopt a mindset of abundance and care rather than scarcity. If we redistribute resources at scale now to grassroots leaders of color who are boldly winning victories for freedom in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we have the best chance of securing a prosperous and liberatory future.

We know that money isn’t enough. But when we have it, we must give it with speed, humility, and hope.



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The Kataly Foundation moves resources to support the economic, political, and cultural power of Black and Indigenous people, and all communities of color.